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Monday 21st

Welcome, C.J. Wilson, Imec and C. Detavernier Ghent University

 Executive Keynote
Advanced Metallization: Enabling the Continuation of Scaling, Dave Hemker, Lam Research

 Executive Keynote
New Materials Enabling the Mobility EraSundar Ramamurthy, Applied Materials

 09u55:10u25 Coffee break


Session Chairs: A. Cockburn,  Applied Materials, J.-F. de Marneffe, Imec


SiOCH Thin Films Deposited By CVD: From Low-K To Chemical And Biochemical Sensors, Vincent Jousseaume, CEA Letti, France

Ultralow dielectric constant nanoporous SiOCH films deposited by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Zi-Jun Ding, Fudan University, China

Gemini-templated PMO low-k films, M. Redzheb, Ugent, Belgium

Cryogenic etching of porous low-k dielectrics in CF3Br plasma, Askar Rezvanov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia

Integration aspects of post-porosity low-k protection using PMMA sacrificial filler, Liping Zhang, imec, Belgium

 12u40:13u40 Lunch

 Characterization and Reliability 1

Session Chairs: O. Thomas, Aix-Marseille Université-CNRS and S. Armini, Imec


Advanced characterization methods for materials properties of composite BEoL stacks for multi-scale simulation, Christoph Sander, Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden, Germany

Determination of thermal expansion coefficients of low-k dielectrics by cube corner indentation tests at elevated temperatures, Kris Vanstreels, imec, Belgium

Substrate independent mechanical properties of thin low dielectric constant materials, Oguzhan Orkut Okudur, KULeuven, Belgium

Mechanically conscious design of airgaps in nano-interconnects, Houman Zahedmanesh, imec, Belgium

 15u30:16u00 Break

 Characterization and Reliability 2

Session Chairs: O. Thomas, Aix-Marseille Université-CNRS and S. Armini, Imec

Electro-mechanical based failure criteria for flexible electronics, Megan Cordill, Erich Schmid Institute, Austria

Fatigue behavior of thin-film power copper on silicon substrate under cyclic bending conditions, S. Hartl, Erich Schmid Institute, Austria

Strain distribution induced in SOI photonic substrate by TSVs advanced scanning X-ray nano-diffraction, B. Vianne, Aix-Marseille Univeristé, France

Dielectrics Stability for Intermediate BEOL in 3D Sequential Integration, Fabien Deprat, CEA Tech (Leti), France

 17u40:19u40 Posters and Reception

 Silicide and Contacts 1

Session Chairs: A. Vantomme, IKS - KU Leuven and S.-L. Zhang, Uppsala University Sweden

Atomic Layer Deposition; an Enabling Technology for Metal Gate Integration in Three Dimensional Device Structures, Jerry Chen, ASM, USA

Thermal stability of epitaxial GeSn and M-GeSn, N.M. Santos, KULeuven, Belgium

Study of the formation and degradation of intermetallics formed by solid-state reaction of Ni on InGaAs, Seifeddine Zhiou, CEA Tech (Leti), France


Significant Changes in Ni(Pt)Si Silicide Texture Observed Through ACOM-TEM Technique.
 M. Grégoire, STMicroelectronics, France

 10u20:10u50 Break

 Silicide and Contacts 2

Session Chairs: A. Vantomme, IKS - KU Leuven and S.-L. Zhang, Uppsala University Sweden

Scalability study of nickel germanides, Lukas Jablonka, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

Formation of nickel silicides in the ultra-thin film regime', F.A. Geenen, Ugent, Belgium

Growth of thick amorphous Ni-Si alloy in thin Ni silicide films due to nitrogen implantation, K. van Stiphout, KULeuven, Belgium

Challenges of Ti-silicide contacts in advanced CMOS technologie, Nicolas Breil, Applied Materials, USA

 12u30:13u30 Lunch


Session Chairs: L. Goux, Imec and K. Kurihara, Toshiba


Opportunities and Challenges of CMP technology for 3D memories, Yukiteru Matsui, Toshiba, Japan

Reaction between Ti and GeTe-based phase change material studied by combined in-situ x-ray diffraction, sheet resistance and atom probe tomography., Marion Descoins, IM2NP Aix-Marseille Université, France

Interface barriers engineering by high work function metals in DRAM cells, Nadiia M. Kolomiiets, KULeuven, Belgium

GaSb based phase change material with zero density change for phase change memory , Magali Putero, Aix-Marseille Univeristé, France

Tuning the switching behavior of conductive-bridge resistive memory by the modulation of the cation-supplier alloys., Umberto Celano, KULeuven, Belgium

 15u45:16u15 Break

 3D Integration

Session Chairs: T. Ohba, Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan and S. Vyas, Intel


Physics behind SmartCut™ process: from nano- to macro-scale, FRANCOIS RIEUTORD, CEA INAC-Grenoble, France

Behavior of Copper Contamination on Backside Damage for Ultra-thin Silicon Three Dimensional Stacking Structure
, Yoriko Mizushima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Effect of Al doping on the performance of low temperature thin-film transistors with atomic-layer-deposited ZnO:Al channels, You-Hang Wang, Fudan University, China 

Managing the evolution of copper-copper bonding energy at low temperature: application to Cu/SiO2 hybrid direct bonding, B. Imbert, CEA Tech (Leti), France


Plasma-Assisted Atomic Layer Deposition for Back End-of-Line, Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, United Kingdom

 18u40:19u30 Break
 19u30:22u30 Gala Dinner

 Novel device

Session Chairs: S. Maïtrejean, CEA - Leti Minatec – France and I. Asselberghs, Imec


PZT thin film integration at wafer level for MEMS applications, Paolo Ferrarini, ST Agrate, Italy

Surface-interface exploration of ultra-thin MgO oxide films grown onto Silicon substrate, Sébastien, Vizzini, IM2NP, France

Impact of nanowire scaling on strained Si Gate-all-around Nanowire Schottky-Barrier MOSFETs, G.V. Luong, Peter-Grünberg-Institut, Germany

Electrical Evaluation of Multilayer Graphene for Advanced Interconnects, Maria Politou, KULeuven, Belgium

Modeling and tackling resistivity scaling in metallic nanowires, Kristof Moors, KULeuven, Belgium

 10u45:11u15 Break

 Metal and ALD 1

Session Chairs: C. Adelmann, Imec and M. Van der Veen, Imec


Low Temperature, Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Transition Metal Films Using Strong Organic Reducing Precursors, Charles Winter, Wayne State University, USA

Conformal Cu Electroless Seed on Co and Ru Liners enables Cu fill by plating for Advanced Interconnects, Marleen H. van der Veen, imec, Belgium

CVD-CoxN for Advanced Semiconductor Metallization, Abitha Dhavamani, Fraunhofer IPMS, Germany

Ru thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition using a new Ru precursor and various non-oxidizing reactants as a seed layer for Cu electroplating, Hyun-Jung Lee, Yeungnam University, Korea

 13u05:14u05 Lunch

 Metal and ALD 2

Session Chairs: C. Adelmann, Imec and M. Van der Veen, Imec


Atomic Layer Etching Using Thermal Reactions:  ALD in Reverse, Steven M. George, University of Colorado, USA

Growth of Ultrathin Cu Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition for BEOL and other Nano Device Application, Stefan E. Schulz, Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany

Thin, low roughness Ru films deposited by thermal and plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition using RuO4 and H2 at low temperatures, Matthias M. Minjauw, Ugent, Belgium

Atomic Layer Deposition of Manganese Silicate as a Diffusion Barrier and Adhesion Layer for Interconnects, Roy G. Gordon, Harvard university, USA

 15u55:16u25 Break

Pannel: ALD for BEOL

Session Chairs: Suvi Haukka, ASM Microchemistry and Claudia Wiemer, IMM-CNR


Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, UK
Paolo Ferrarini, ST Agrate, Italy
Charles Winter, Wayne State University, USA
Steven M. George, University of Colorado, USA